High Risk Life Insurance – Get to know more

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement you make with a company that collects regular premiums from you, may be annually or quarterly or half yearly. In return a lump – sum amount is paid to your beneficiaries in case of your death. There are many types of life insurance schemes. One is called Term insurance where payments are made for a set duration of time. The other is called permanent life insurance where the insured amount is paid all through the life of the beneficiary.

What are the high risk schemes?

Many people whose health has taken a beating find it very difficult to find affordable life insurance policies. That’s because it is a speciality area and very few operate in this domain. To find one most suitable for you, you have to work with a life insurance high risk expert. The way you look at your health is not the way life insurance companies look at it. Hence it becomes the responsibility of the agent to ensure that he gets you a suitable and affordable life insurance cover for you. The whole process of finding a life insurance company for your self is not an easy task. You need to meet in person, meet underwriters and highlight your case.

Types of high risk Life insurance?

People who come under this class can belong to different categories. By the nature of your health you could be declared as a high risk person. That is if you suffer from chronic ailments or habits. The list of illness/habits could be the following:

  • Heavy smokers

  • Heavy drinkers

  • Obesity

  • Drug addicts

  • Senior citizens

  • People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

  • Family of the person having cancer or heart ailments

It could also be that you are working in some risk areas. Like, for example, you work on high voltage power lines, in nuclear reactors, participate in adventures activities like car racing, bungee jumping etc. Thus, since you belong to high risk areas you are expected to pay higher premiums than the rest. If you are a 30 year old and a smoker, it is likely that you may have to pay a higher premium compared to a 30 year old non smoker.


If you are not keeping optimum health you pay for it in many ways. High premiums with Life insurance companies is one such thing.